Our Air Conditioning Covers Will Protect Your Unit From Damage

Air Conditioning CoversAnother summer has come and gone. Time now to pack away the beach supplies, break out the sweaters, and get ready for the holidays once more.

The end of summer is also a time to perform another routine task, one that perhaps many of us forget about: covering your air conditioning unit.

While this task may be easy to overlook, you mustn’t ignore how important a step it is for maintaining the longevity of your air conditioning unit. Now, you might be wondering, “Just WHAT makes covering my air conditioner so important in the fall?”

And the answer is simple:


Fall is aptly named. After all, in the fall, many things attached to the trees -- well -- FALL to the ground. These things include trees, nuts, straw, etc. And why does this affect your air conditioning, specifically with regard to corrosion, you might wonder?

Well, that’s because, as these things fall from above, they can land on your A/C unit. Then they can collect INSIDE the unit, where they are able to trap water. And once this water builds up in your A/C unit, it can begin to lead to corrosion.

And, of course, once corrosion begins to develop, your air conditioning can experience some pretty nasty issues. Its performance can suffer, and its lifespan can be significantly reduced, resulting in the need for costly repairs and perhaps even full-blown replacements down the road!


If you like to save money on such costly repair work (and who doesn’t?), then be sure to get a quality air conditioning cover to help prevent that corrosion.

And to get just about the HIGHEST-quality cover for your air conditioning, be sure to call on the pros at our Air Conditioning Company!

We at Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning make it our mission to provide only the best A/C services and products for the best price, so with a quality A/C cover from us, you can be sure your air conditioning will remain as protected as can be once the fall starts falling all around it!

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