Don't Let The Heat Ruin Your Summer Fun Or Put Your Well-being In Any Sort Of Danger. Call Our Columbus Heating Contractor For Quality Air Conditioning Work

Columbus Heating ContractorSummer is a wonderful time if you enjoy fun in the sun with the family. Of course, for those of you who aren’t too keen to the warmer temperatures, summer might just be an AWFUL time. Indeed, should those temperatures get TOO high, summer might, in fact, prove to be a DANGEROUS time even!

Of course, you don’t have to let the heat ruin your summer fun or put your well-being in any sort of danger. After all, with a quality air conditioning unit, you can be sure to beat the heat all summer long, no matter HOW high the temps may get!

And to maintain the most reliable air conditioning unit possible, call on Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning for all your A/C needs! With our A/C repairs and tune-ups, our Columbus Air Conditioning Contractors promise to keep your air conditioning going strong through even the hottest summers!

If Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Constantly On, Then It Can Lead To Some Pretty Bad Breakdowns

Once summer hits, you’ll turn your air conditioning on full-blast, and you won’t let off of it until the temperatures begin to drop sometime in fall. In that time, your air conditioning will experience constant wear and tear -- which can lead to some pretty bad breakdowns. A hot situation indeed!

Should your air conditioning unit have broken down after another summer of nonstop heavy usage, don’t sweat it! Instead, just call up Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning! With our thorough A/C repairs combined with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we at Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning PROMISE to get your air conditioning back up and running and to KEEP it that way for many more summers to come!

Heavy Usage Can Lead To Breakdowns

As we said, once summer hits, you’ll turn your A/C on full blast and keep it that way for many months at a stretch. And while this necessary heavy usage CAN lead to breakdowns, it doesn’t HAVE to -- not when you can simply call on our heating contractors at Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning for annual A/C tune-ups.

With an air conditioning tune-up, you can keep your A/C unit running reliably for many summers to come. And since a tune-up can prevent the need for costly repairs (and even replacements!), you’ll find that annual A/C tune-ups will save you money through the years as well!


Are you an avid cook? Or do you simply like to keep fresh produce in your home so that you can keep yourself in the best health possible? If you do, then you’ll love Columbus, New Jersey! With the Columbus Farmer’s Market, this township can satisfy ANY cook and health nut out there!

And for those of you who maybe care more about comfort than food, Columbus STILL delivers with its local HVAC experts at Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning! With our quality air conditioning services backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we at Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning can keep you comfortable throughout even the most uncomfortably hot summers!

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"I recently bought a new home that needed a new furnace and water heater. I looked on line and found an independent web site that rated the ten best heating/ac businesses in central NJ. I choose 2 from the list and one recommendation from a friend for an estimate. "American Standard Heater - Natures Home Humidifier, Quantum OxyQuantum, Micro Power Guard - and all new duct work from heater to den This letter is just to give you an update on the above items you installed in our home on May 9. I cannot believe how cool our home is especially the den. The heat alone in that room was too much. We insulated all the walls, ceiling, and under the floor, replaced the windows with gas, and sat at night with blankets on. Now it is so comfortable and cannot believe the installation you had done. Where is the dust??? Because I have allergies, I always clean a lot. We have a dog and cat which are bathed frequently. I used to smell the dog even after a bath, but now nothing. We sleep so good at night. I went to see the allergist and explained what you did. I told him how you cleaned all the ducts, and proceeded with the installation of the other units. He was so pleased at how well I am. Your crew was amazing to say the least. You never knew they were here, and extremely professional. Tom who originally came out to use the camera in the furnace to check the duct work, discovered that where the water for the air conditioner was to go someplace else backed down to the heater, and it was rusting out. Eventually we would have had a silent killer. You have an amazing crew as I suggested. We would have never known. We so wanted to thank you for all the great work, and Jeff who did the major installation of the heater, is top shelf. Please send some cards so I can give to those who are interested.Thanks again!"

| Rated: 5/5

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