When the temperatures get into the extremes, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation if you had to brave those temps without reliable heating or air conditioning. And thanks to our same-day services, you won’t have to wait too long!

Home of the 100% Guarantee

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you never have to gamble with having your HVAC worked on. If you are not satisfied with the work you pay for, we’ll issue you a FULL REFUND. And if a repair fails during the season during which it was provided, we’ll provide further repairs at NO EXTRA COST.

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Comfort Club Maintenance Program

With our Comfort Club Maintenance Program, you can keep your heating and A/C in tip-top shape for the best price possible! We offer free precision tune-ups and a 20% discount on repairs and sytem accessories. On top of that, you’ll get expedited to the top of our appointment book. You can enjoy all of this for as low as $14.99 a month for gas and $27.49 for oil!

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Hire Our Heating and Air Conditioning Company So You Can Stay Comfortable All Year Long In New Jersey

Since 1991, Our Heating and Air Conditioning Company has provided residents in and around the Bordentown area with quality heating and air conditioning service.

This service includes installations, repairs, and replacements. We even offer annual tune-ups to ensure that your heating and air conditioning units continue to run reliably for many years to come, helping you to save money over time on repair costs.

And speaking of saving money on your heating and A/C work, we at Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning can help you keep your HVAC running like a dream for the best price possible thanks to our Comfort Club Membership. For as low as $14.99 a month for gas and $27.49 for oil, you can enjoy great discounts on our quality repair services -- plus FREE annual tune-ups!

On top of Comfort Club Membership, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues with our work, we will issue you a full refund. And if you find a specialist who offers the same service for cheaper, we’ll issue you a $50 bonus! (Proof of lower price is required.)

As our membership and guarantees demonstrate, we at Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning offer just about the best cost for HVAC work that you’ll find!

Your heating and air conditioning system is a vital part of your home. Without it, you would struggle to keep comfortable (as well as safe!) when the temperatures get into the extremes. And you can keep your system running reliably and efficiently for a great price thanks to Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning!

We Can Keep Your Heating Unit Running Reliably Through The Year

Heating and Air Conditioning Company

New Jersey is no stranger to intensely cold winters. Every year, as the cooler months roll back in, we have to guard ourselves for many more weeks of harsh winters.

Of course, the best way to fight Old Man Winter and the harsh, cold conditions he blows in is to have a reliable heating unit. With reliable heating, you can keep the cold out of your home and, thus, keep you and your loved ones safe and warm through even the harshest New Jersey winters!

And to ensure that you maintain the most reliable heating unit possible in your home, be sure to call on the HVAC experts at Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning for all your heating work needs.

We can keep your heating unit running reliably through the years with our annual tune-ups. And should your heating unit experience problems, we can resolve those problems with our repair services -- and even replacements, should your heating unit be beyond repair.

We even specialize at installing just about any kind of heating system you might need: furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. So, with Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning and our broad know-how, you can be sure to enjoy quality heating no matter how you prefer to stay warm!

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Beat The Heat With A Quality, Reliable Air Conditioning Unit

Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Of course, New Jersey isn’t a tundra. It also gets extremely HOT when the summer months roll around. And when that time comes, you’ll want to be sure you can beat the heat with a quality, reliable air conditioning unit.

And to ensure that your air conditioning unit is as efficient and as reliable as it can be, you can always count on Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning to help keep it that way!

We offer quality installation, repair, and tune-up services to provide you with great air conditioning and to help you CONTINUE enjoying A/C for many years to come.

And with our emergency air conditioning services, we ensure that, no matter when A/C issues might strike, you can always have the issue resolved with little delay.

Having to go without reliable air conditioning can be more than just uncomfortable -- it can be downright DANGEROUS when the heat crests well into the nineties and above. But you can avoid that discomfort and that danger by calling on Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning to provide you with quality A/C work!

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Why Choose Us?

You should choose Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning to handle all your HVAC needs for quite a few reasons:

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on ALL our work.

We give you a $50 bonus if you can find a company that offers the same work for less.

We provide our Comfort Club Membership that comes with free annual tune-ups and 20% off our repair services.

We are an experienced, family-owned company that dedicates itself to providing homeowners in and around the Bordentown area with quality heating and air conditioning work.

That dedication combined with our wide variety of heating and A/C services ensures that, with Kagel's Heating & Air Conditioning, you can enjoy the most reliable HVAC system.

And with our many money-saving services, you can enjoy this great service for a price you can’t beat!

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