Our Furnace Repair Team Can Keep Every Bit Of The Intense New Jersey Winters Out Of Your Home

When it comes to providing the fastest and most reliable heating there is, you can’t go wrong with a furnace. Designed to heat even the largest home thoroughly in no time flat, a furnace is a great option if you are looking to keep every bit of the intense New Jersey winters out of your home.

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Of course, like anything this useful, your furnace is going to put in some pretty busy hours for you — especially when the temperatures begin to dip into the negatives. And, unfortunately, this heavy-duty usage will inevitably lead to one thing: wear and even breakdowns with your furnace.

Should your furnace experience any wear or breakdowns, then you won’t get to enjoy its unparalleled warmth — a serious problem when Old Man Winter is blowing up a monster of a storm outside!

Happily, you can avoid this headache and get back to enjoying the most thorough heating around. For that, all you have to do is call on the experienced HVAC pros at our Heating Company for a fast, accurate furnace repair!


While a furnace might be one of the best heating options on the market, it can also be one of the most dangerous. After all, since many furnaces use gas, they pose the risk of a gas leak or an explosion should they wear down.

But you can avoid these life-threatening problems by knowing some of the common signs of furnace wear so that you can get your furnace repaired before disaster can strike:

  • Your Utility Bills Are Getting Higher – As your furnace begins to wear down, it will have to work even harder to warm your home, and this extra work will be reflected in your utility bills.
  • Your Furnace’s Air Flow Is Weakening – If the mechanics that make your furnace work (belts and fans and the like) begin to wear down, it won’t be able to produce good airflow.
  • You Smell Gas in Your Home – A gas leak is arguably the most serious result of furnace damage, and if you detect it, call your HVAC specialist immediately.

If you catch these issues in time, you can avoid the disaster that can occur because of a gas leak. On top of that, you can prevent further, potentially more expensive issues from occurring if you get your furnace repaired just as soon as you detect that something is wrong.

Don’t ignore the signs. If your furnace exhibits any behavior that tells you it might be wearing down, call up Kagel’s Heating & Air Conditioning immediately for a quick, thorough furnace repair today!

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