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Winters in New Jersey can be quite harsh indeed. Luckily, you have a variety of heating options to choose from in order to beat the cold. And one of the most compelling heating options on the market is a boiler.

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What makes a boiler such a great heating option is that it is silent and efficient, two qualities which help to make your home as comfortable as can be! Those qualities on top of a boiler’s long lifespan (upwards of 15 years) make a boiler one of the best options when it comes to getting through the winter.

Of course, even with its aforementioned long lifespan, a boiler won’t last forever. And once this time comes for your boiler, you’ll need to call on our Heating Company for a quick, quality boiler replacement.

Of course, it’s not always very obvious when you need to get a boiler replacement. And considering the cost associated with one, you might find yourself hesitant to call us for a replacement if you’re not absolutely sure you even need one.

If you are on the fence wondering whether you should get a boiler replacement, just look for some of the more common signs that indicate it’s time to get one:

As Your Boiler Ages, It Simply Won’t Be Able To Function Reliably Any Longer

As your boiler reaches the point of no return, it simply won’t be able to function reliably any longer. At this point, your boiler will require more regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure that it remains working reliably — and even at all.

If you find yourself calling in more and more frequently for boiler repairs, then stop calling in for repairs and call in for a replacement instead. While a replacement might be somewhat costly at the outset, you will save much more money in the long run since you won’t be paying for repairs all the time.

If Your Boiler Is Heating Slowly, Then It’s A Sign That It May Need To Be Replaced

A boiler is noted for being one of the most efficient heating options on the market. But as it ages and begins to wear down, your boiler won’t be able to heat as efficiently anymore. Thus, your home won’t get to enjoy the top-tier comfort that you expect when you buy a boiler.

If you find yourself waiting for longer and longer periods of time for your home to warm up, then it’s time to call up Kagel’s Heating & Air Conditioning for a boiler replacement. After all, when the winter winds are blowing strong, you don’t have time to deal with a heating unit that moves like a glacier.

If Your Boiler Is 15 Years Old, Then It May Be Time To Replace It

Of course, one of the biggest red flags that should tell you it’s time to get your boiler replaced is its age. Boilers have an average lifespan of about 15 years. This means that, at anywhere between about 13 and 18 years, you need to consider getting a replacement.

After all, by this point, your boiler will be on the verge of developing the issues listed above. You might not exactly need to replace a 13-year-old boiler, but when your boiler gets about that old, you need to be ready to replace it since issues will begin to develop soon enough.


If you need to get your boiler replaced, then you can count on us at Kagel’s Heating & Air Conditioning to provide that job in the very manner that our motto says: “fast and right.”

That quickness and quality of our work is supplemented by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So with Kagel’s Heating & Air Conditioning, you can be sure to get only the best deal and the best work when it comes to having your old boiler replaced!

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